Tours & Attractions

Tours & Attractions

Aitutaki is not just a beautiful island, it also boasts a host of land and sea activities.

Sunny Beach Lodge is located right on the lagoon, with swimming and snorkelling in close proximity. Local shops and eateries are also an easy stroll away. 

Your hosts are happy to arrange any local tours, island night buffet dinners, and anything else that you wish to experience.

You can also rent a car, bicycle, or scooter and explore the island on your own. We'd be happy to recommend attractions and highlights on the island.


Here are just a few things Aitutaki has to offer you:

  • Lagoon Cruises are a staple of the Cook Islands experience. There are several cruise operators on the island, from the small and personal to the large and comfortable.
  • Island Nights are another highlight for visitors to our beautiful island.  Enjoy a buffet of island delicacies, while local dance groups entertain you and even give selected diners fun, brief dance lessons.
  • Swimming and snorkelling spots are dotted around the island, from the popular well trodden beaches to more secluded areas.
  • Fishing Charters with some local operators, who are already excellent fishermen and more than happy to share their joys and experience with you.
  • Kitesurfing/Kiteboarding for the more adventurous vistors.
  • Cultural tours allow vistors a glimpse of how our island was before the arrival of Europeans and Christianity.
  • Church services on Saturday and Sunday mornings, including at the CICC church in town - the oldest church in the Cook Islands and an important symbol of the islands' Christian heritage.
  • Sightseeing, whether on foot or on your rental vehicle (recommended), visiting attractions around the island and taking in the greenery and scenery. A visit to the Piraki lookout and Maunga Pu (Aitutaki's highest point) makes for spectacular views of the island and lagoon.